If you are seeking a little bit of adventure, this trip is just for you. Let us transport you to all the local beaches and waterfalls. Here the fun begins by walking the pristine coastline and dipping your toes into the roaring surf or watching daredevils plunge from high rocks into these natural pools, and if you are brave enough, take the jump too!

Hiking, horseback riding, fishing  and surfing of all types (board, wind, kite) are only a few ways to sweat it out on vacation. After a day of exploration it’s back to the Villa where your professional chef will restore your energy with every savory meal!

At Villa Costa Norte your personal accommodation has an en-suite bath and a balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! Grab your sunscreen, head to the infinity pool to enjoy the warm sun & coastal breezes Villa Costa Norte has to offer while soaking and overlooking the spectacular view

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